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Parkinson’s-CrossFit-FoxWod-CrossFit Allied.

Loneliness, depression and isolation I retired, due to Parkinson’s disease, from my job in August 2017, after serving as a priest in the Church of England for 22yrs. The church had been my community for all those years, and it was quite a shock to my system to retire. I went from seeing people every… Continue reading Parkinson’s-CrossFit-FoxWod-CrossFit Allied.

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Parkinson’s Disease & Reflections On CrossFit Open

Reflections on CrossFit Open 2019'Did I know what I was letting myself in for when Helen said, "I could enter the CrossFit Open if I'd like to." No! Not really. If I was asked today if I'd like to do it. I would say an emphatic yes! On My Mind The past five Friday evenings… Continue reading Parkinson’s Disease & Reflections On CrossFit Open

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Parkinson’s Disease and CrossFit/Open 19/3

I completed my 21st meeting at Crossfit by doing the 3rd round of the Crossfit Open on Friday 8th March. I gave it my best shot but fell short of finishing all the elements within the 10-minute timeframe. Actually, I haven’t managed to complete all the required elements within the timeframe given for any of… Continue reading Parkinson’s Disease and CrossFit/Open 19/3