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Parkinson’s Disease & Reflections On CrossFit Open

Reflections on CrossFit Open 2019′

Did I know what I was letting myself in for when Helen said, “I could enter the CrossFit Open if I’d like to.” No! Not really. If I was asked today if I’d like to do it. I would say an emphatic yes!

On My Mind

The past five Friday evenings I have been preoccupied with the Open. I’ve found that I’ve been thinking (more like worrying) what fiendish exercise would be created to test each entrants fitness. And test us they did! I’ll never forget the exhausting 200ft dumbbell lunges. I couldn’t walk without wincing in agony for about three days after the event. Another member asked me how my ‘Doms’ were? I didn’t know what they were until I looked it up on google. I then sought googles help in finding the remedy to the pain in my quads etc. I tried covering my legs with deep heat cream which didn’t work and only made the room stink and eyes water. Next, I tried a hot bath which was nice but didn’t have the desired effect. In the end, I just had to wait for my legs to recover naturally, and they did, just in time for Monday’s workout. Oh no! Back Squats!

Testing Your Mettle

Whoever put the combination of exercises together for each Friday nights Open, did it to test the fitness and mettle of each athlete. Each day prior to the event I found myself thinking about whether I’d be able to do the exercises. What does it mean to test someone’s mettle? A definition, “Mettle is the courage to carry on. If someone wants to “test your mettle,” they want to see if you have the heart to follow through when the going gets tough.” I was found physically wanting for each of the events as I struggled to complete each session. However, I discovered that I had some mettle! And although I never completed the first four workouts, I finished on a high note. When I felt I had nothing but fumes left in the tank I dug deeper and found the courage to carry on. The high note was that I managed to complete the 5th Open within the 20-minute time limit at the time of 17.16. It has been a truly testing time, which in one sense, I’m pleased it’s all over for the time being.

Benefits of participating in the Open.

I’m so glad that I’ve completed the Open as I’ve met so many people who work out at different times than myself. It felt like a community of people who wanted to test their mettle and cheer others on to dig deep. Parkinson’s disease can be quite isolating and the community has been a great tonic to me. I’ve been very moved as I have witnessed so many people dig deep, as their fitness has been pushed to the edge and they find the courage and the steel to press on.


CrossFit Allied is my first experience of CrossFit. I’m so glad it is because I’ve met Helen and Kat whose professionalism, dedication and support have created a safe place for people to have their mettle tested. They have been through the same things and excelled, and they want to help others too excel.


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